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Keeping Your Gutters Clean

7 Important Reasons To Keep Your Gutters Clean

It’s hard to remember the importance of well maintained gutters when you have a multitude of other things to deal with such as the Holidays, and the onset of Winter among other things, but stop a moment to consider the problems which can arise from not attending to it.

Check out this informative short video from Robert Weitz, certified microbial investigator and principal of RTK Environmental Group.

Aside from things like home value, and landscape damage, keeping your homes gutters in shape can also save you money. Let's look at just some of the top reasons why gutters are so important to your home.

1: Roof Damage

Leaves and other debris that clog up your gutters where water is flooding over, can have issues with rot on your roofing. 

2: Damage to Gutter System

Overflowing water can damage the fascia that runs right behind your gutter. This is an important component of your gutter system.

3: Damage to Brackets

Clogged gutters are holding lots of weight, which can damage brackets.

4: Keeping Out Pests

Clogged gutters are often a nesting site for insects (ants, termites, mosquitoes, etc) as the moist enviroment is a breeding ground. Even birds may like to create their nests in them.

5: Cracks in the Foundation

Water that overflows or pools along the foundation of your home can freeze and cause it to expand and generate cracks.

6: Basement leaks 

Clogged gutters can cause water problems in the basement should you be lucky enough to have one. Improperly drained water can causes cracks, which can lead to crawl space or basement flooding.

7: Cracks in the driveway 

Not properly cleaned gutters and downspouts can cause water blockage, which may lead to sagging driveways.

These reasons should be enough for any home owner to stay on top of gutter maintenance, but it is certainly understandable how that is not always in a home owners schedule. This is why you should take special care to make these a priority on your home, before the cold winds of the north catch up to us all! (Hint: It happens every year)

Image by 123switch from Pixabay