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Install a water garden

For many people around the world, the garden is the most sacred part of their homes. After a hard day’s work, it is always a refreshing thought to be able to go home to a garden where bright blooms, pleasant scent, and fresh breeze will greet you. It is enough to refresh the weariest souls and to make a lot of us happy. Once coupled with the inspiring sight of running water, the garden is transformed into a magnificent place that can easily become the centerpiece of our homes. Such is the purpose of the water garden. Water gardens have become very popular options for many households. Though some water garden types require a lot of space, other kinds do offer flexible positioning. These days, you can have a water garden inside, yes, INSIDE, your own home. 

Below I will be discussing water gardens in full detail. You will learn how to build your own water garden, using the most basic of materials so that you’ll be able to keep the costs down. The necessary expenses required to build your own water garden should not be restrictive. Water gardens should not be exclusive to a fortunate few. So read on, dear friend, and discover the magic that water gardens can bring to your life. Building them is an experience worth savoring. And having your own water garden is a pride that is truly fulfilling. 

There are many reasons why a lot of people have fallen in love with water gardens. First, and most obvious, is the fact that water gardens are simply fascinating. Few sights are more calming than running water in a controlled environment, passing through a bevy of organic-looking components which are inspired by nature. Ever seen a waterfall in real life? Picture a miniature version of that, which is situated right at the center of your house, and you’ll immediately know why water gardens have become the Holy Grail for many homeowners looking for something different to display in their homes. Second, water gardens are flexible ornamental displays. You can create one in your backyard, if you have the space. If not, you can create a container water garden and place it inside your own house. 

Such a container water garden will have its own basin, and the size can be adjusted to fit the available space. Third, water gardens instantly add profound beauty to any household. Will your guests immediately notice your new curtains? Your new carpet? Your new dinnerware? No. But a water garden will always, always catch their fancy, and this can even become a great icebreaker for future parties, as it is an excellent topic for discussion. 

Water gardens, believe it or not, do not require a lot of financial investment. You can create one for under $150, if you’re on a tight budget. The price can go down several notches if you do some smart canvassing. Maintenance won’t even cost you a lot. Water garden supplies enjoy a certain degree of permanence. They don’t usually break down. And they rarely require repair. 

Speaking of maintenance, water gardens are not difficult to maintain. Changing water, feeding the aquatic life which you may have decided to raise therein, and cleaning the power tools, all of which can be done on a weekly basis (except feeding the fish, of course), do not require a lot of time and effort from the homeowner. Sixth, water gardens perfectly complement any household. 

Whether it’s the interiors of the house, or a plain backyard, or even an actual garden, water gardens will prove to be the best centerpiece you can ever invest in. Seventh, water gardens are a feast for the senses. Whether it’s the sight of sunlight glimmering over the water, or the smell of the lilies on a warm summer day, or the sheer joy of watching the koi fishes during their feeding frenzies, or even the simple sight of water cascading from the rock formations you have carved with your own hands, water gardens provide an amazing journey for most of our sensory perceptions. They are the total package. Their designs are often enigmatic, and their execution is always fascinating. 

A lot of people think that water gardens are expensive or very difficult to make. 

As you will discover, these impressions are not correct. And the fact that you will have your very own water garden in your home will prove to be a very rewarding and satisfying feeling, given the common beliefs associated with them. Creating a water garden involves a fusion of engineering and art. Your water garden must be beautiful. But it must also be functional. One without the other will make your water garden a failure. It is this symmetry between two different disciplines that makes the process of creating a water garden truly an exhilarating, and ultimately a very rewarding, challenge. Water gardens are a lot of fun. From the process of creating them to the moments of savoring their enchanting benefits, water gardens are very fulfilling

You’ll never regret your decision to pursue a water garden for your home! If you have passed by the mall and stopped to admire some beautiful water gardens for sale, or if you have visited a friends or family members and you can’t seem to get their water gardens out of your mind, you are telling yourself you NEED a water garden.

Let us take care of one thing, first. If you wish to have a water garden immediately, go to your local shop and purchase a ready-made water garden for two hundred dollars or so, or purchase a pre-designed water garden kit that you’ll just have to assemble.  

OR, if you live in the Richmond Virginia area, you can contact me for an estimate.... 

But if you do realize the fact that building a water garden from scratch is far more satisfying than procuring one which can be enjoyed right out of the box, or you’re not afraid to invest a good deal of labor into building your very own water garden, not because you’ll be able to save more money, but because you find this route a more rewarding and enjoyable experience, then by all means go for it!.

The fun is in seeing your creation come to life. And such are the things that you will cherish for a long, long time. This is very true, especially for water gardens where art is just as important an ingredient as engineering. A water garden of your own design, created through your own hands, is yours. It’s a thing of beauty that you have crafted yourself, the soul of which you have breathed life into. 

There are many kinds of water garden setups which you could decide to build. You are most probably familiar with two of them: the container water gardens which you can readily purchase from any appropriate shop, and the pond-type water garden, which is majestic in its seeming tranquility, fabulous symmetry, and sheer size. There is, of course, the common water garden, which may not be as big as a pond nor as transportable as a container water garden, but nonetheless serves its aesthetic and functional purposes well. 

There are the three kinds of water gardens.

The Pond-Type Water Garden - The pond-type water garden is the most demanding of the water garden setups we will tackle. Not everyone will be able to choose this kind of design, because of the following reasons: 

 • You have to build a pond… a literal, actual pond. Not everyone has the space for a pond in their backyard. 

 • Worse, ponds will take up the otherwise available area that can be used for a variety of purposes such as hosting parties and other gatherings. 

 • Maintaining a pond is more difficult than maintaining smaller water garden setups. Not everyone can spare the time or the effort for this. 

 • Ponds are dependent on environmental conditions. 

If you’re living in a locality that experiences a lot of snow, building a pond will be quite impractical. You’re better off with smaller water garden setups. If you can look beyond these disadvantages, and more importantly, if conditions are in favor of building your own pond, then pond-type water gardens are better options overall. They are the ultimate goals for many aqua-horticulturists and waterscape artists, given the massive area upon which they can work their magic. 

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for you if you do decide to take, and are capable of taking, this route: 

 • Ponds offer a wider space for a variety of excellent designs that will only enhance the beauty of your water garden. 

• Ponds are perfect setups for aqua life which you may decide to populate your water garden with. Carp, gold fish, and other aquatic animals, as well as a wide variety of water plants, will have no trouble settling in a pond, compared to smaller water garden designs. 

• Contrary to popular belief, ponds are simpler for your initial layout. You don’t have to concern yourself with intricately ergonomic design and micro-management of components. A pond-type water garden is expected to have a wide area that is tranquil, after all. You won’t have to touch this area. Its beauty lies in its serenity. 

 • Ponds can actually become the centerpiece of not only your garden or your backyard, but of your entire lot as well. 

Hosting a reunion between family and friends? Set your tables and chairs around the pond area for some amazingly enchanting effects that your guests will never forget. 

Container Water Garden - The sudden surge in popularity enjoyed by water gardens during this decade can be attributed to the availability of container water gardens. Let’s face it, a great majority of people who want to own water gardens either don’t have the space to host one, or the resources to build big setups. For them, container water gardens are a heaven send. 

• Container water gardens are perfectly portable. They are not transfixed on just one spot. You can move them to other areas whenever you wish. 

 • Container water gardens are relatively cheaper compared to building permanently situated water gardens. They require smaller power tools and smaller materials. 

 • Container water gardens have their own basins, which make cleaning an easier task. You won’t have to siphon the water out of an immovable pool. You can simply turn over the basin to remove the water and accumulated materials. 

 • Container water gardens make great indoor decors. They are fabulously unconventional and are sure to catch the attention of your visitors. 

 • In the event that you have to move out to another place of residence, you can take container water gardens with you. You won’t have to sell them with the house that you’re going to leave. 

 • Container water gardens can come in a wide variety of designs. 

You’d be surprised to discover the sheer number of possibilities you can accomplish in planning and building these kinds of water gardens. Of all the types of water gardens, container water gardens are the most practical. Granted that they may be too small for some people’s preference, the fact remains that these water garden varieties are largely responsible for the current interest in waterscapes these days.


Transfixed Water Garden - Transfixed water gardens are probably the setups most familiar to a lot of people. These are water gardens built over small areas of land. They are not as big as ponds, but they are not transportable like container water gardens. They are permanently situated in the location where they are established. The disadvantages of transfixed water gardens are quite obvious. But this setup has its own share of benefits. 

 • Transfixed water gardens make waterfall designs easier to execute. 

 • Transfixed water gardens give surrounding areas a focal point that, if implemented properly, can make the space look wider, or the theme more congruent. 

 • Transfixed water gardens can even become the central points of your garden's or backyard’s design. 

 • Transfixed water gardens have the best ability of blending with the surroundings. It can look like an organic part of your garden or backyard. 


If you have a budget that is slightly higher than what is required by a container water garden, but still not enough to purchase a pond-type setup, or if you do have such a budget but the available space is not big enough to accommodate a pond, a transfixed water garden would be your best option. 

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